Crown Management has provided quiet,
well-maintained housing with friendly service
for over 30 years.

Crown Management is committed to offering quality, economical accommodations—respectful and individualistic—to a tenant clientele that seeks quiet, well-maintained, and personal housing in a location convenient to Indiana University and downtown Bloomington.

For 30 years, we have managed our own properties.

Personal experience provides us with a solid understanding of the housing needs of graduate and doctoral students.

Our locations are convenient, yet away from the buzz of campus.

We are recognized for our well-kept properties and our contributions to the neighborhoods.

Our annual tenant survey consistently confirms high rental value, friendly service, and a congenial, quiet environment.

95 percent of our tenants are graduate and doctoral students and young professionals.

We offer a choice of apartments, including, upon request, a beautifully furnished unit.

Upon request, we can, at cost, provide customized maid services.

Our selection also includes charming, well-maintained houses. Please browse our site or call us to check availability!